Trixie's Ears, and Other Troubling Things!

Trixie had her first trip to the vet today! We thought she had some sort of mold growing on her ears. It turns out that it is a yeast infection! Did you know dogs can get yeast infections in their ears? Now we have to put ear wash in her ears every other day, and mush it around in her ear canals, and then twice a day we have to give her ear drops. She really hates it! When the vet did it for her, she jumped off the table and started running around the room, rubbing her ears against the ground frantically! She looked like a rabid animal or something.
The vet said her ears were so full of wax and infected junk, she probably can't hear very well!
Poor doggie...
She's such a good dog, but very goofy! She likes to jump up on top of the radiator with all four of her legs, which none of the other dogs ever even tried to do. She also likes to flop around like a crazed fish! She loves to follow people everywhere. Right now she's lying right below me on the floor, as I work on the computer.
I'll post some pictures tomorrow when I unload them from my camera!


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