This Doggie Has Stolen My Heart!

Hi everyone! Well, me and my mom have officially started being "foster parents" for dogs! Today we got our first dog, and she is such a wonderful dog! I guess her name used to be Sandy, but for some reason the shelter people changed it to Julia. Me and my mom thought Julia was sort of a dumb name for a dog, but we didn't want to change it in case she gets adopted, so we decided to shorten it to Jules. I told Jules that her name is after the song "Hey Jude," which was originally entitled "Hey Jules" and was written for Julian Lennon when he was a little kid. But it feels weird to call her Jules. We were thinking of other names we wish we could call her, but we don't want to confuse her!
Jules's story is that, although she's estimated to be about nine months old or so, she's already had a litter of puppies! Someone dumped her off in the country somewhere, and she was brought into a shelter along with her puppies. We can tell she must have been someone's pet once, because she is mostly potty-trained already, she knows words like "No" and "Sit", and she loves to cuddle and get petted!
When we first saw her at Petsmart she was sort of indifferent towards us, just calmer than all the other dogs but not really trying to get petted or anything either. But as soon as we got her home, she settled right in, and has been acting like she runs the place ever since!
She got a bath today, got blow-dried and brushed, got a brand new collar, and has her own crate! (She loves her crate and already took a nap in it!)
Dude, I seriously hope we can somehow keep her. My dad and me already want to keep her, but my mom just keeps talking about how on Saturday she's gotta go to the adoption show and she'll "Hopefully" get adopted by someone else.
Here is a slideshow I made of Jules's first day here!


Anonymous said...

Awwww....hi Jules!!! She is beautiful!!!! And I love the name. How did she sleep and potty.

I'll cross my fingers that your mom falls in love!

(Also, we were talking about going to Michigan for an overnight not this weekend but next. Would you be interested? Let me know asap.)


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