My Tivo Is A Couch Potato!

Shortly after Christmas, my parents sprung for Tivo.
It was supposed to be their Christmas present to themselves.
The problem is, they refuse to hook it up! They tried to, but then they learned that someone from Comcast actually has to come out and run some sort of router or something to hook it up. They also found out that Comcast charges them for Tivo!
So the Tivo is now sitting in its box on the couch, making it awfully hard for me to nap there.
They also bought a Wifi router, but they refuse to hook that up, as well!
I actually hooked it up one night. My mom dismantled it the next morning. She said Wifi made it possible for all sorts of people to hack into our computer and steal our identities.
The Wifi router is now sitting on top of the printer, unplugged.
I wonder what they'll spring for next? Maybe they'll build a swimming pool and then refuse to fill it with water! That would make a nice little place for the animals to play outside in, without me having to follow them around on their leashes. Hmmmm...


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