My Petition For Jules!

I have been reading this autobiographical book called Eat Pray Love, for a book club I recently joined. In one part of it, the woman wonders why she can't just petition God for things to start going well for her. Her friend says, "Why not?" So the woman creates a mental petition about what she wants (in this case it was for her divorce to go more smoothly) and then mentally added signatures of all the people she thought would sign it if they could. And it worked! Apparently this was a form of manifestation , because ten minutes later, she got a call from her lawyer saying that the divorce papers had finally been signed! (Or something divorcey like that... I'm not sure how that all works...)
So. I decided maybe I should give that a try! So here is my petition:

Dear God,
I feel that Jules, the dog that recently came into my life as a "foster dog", should be allowed to stay with me for good. From the moment she set foot in our house, she's settled right in, making herself at home. She's the perfect dog... she's just so happy to spend time with us, whether she's going with us for long walks, romping around in the backyard, or just hanging out on the couch and watching TV.
When my dog Chopper died, I realized how important it was for me to have a dog around, for my own sanity and sense of balance. Of course no dog can replace Chopper, but Jules is a wonderful dog in different ways! A while ago I had thought to myself that, if I got another dog, I would train him to be a pet therapy dog. That way he could officially be my emotional support dog, and we could also give back to the world by visiting others. I was thinking msybe we could visit at the two homeless women and children shelters in this area, once a month or so. I think Jules would just love the attention and activities, and the kids would love her!
Jules has already been through a lot in life. She's only nine months old, and she got abandoned by her first owners, and gave birth to a litter of puppies! I want her to be able to settle in here and not have to move anymore!
I hereby request that Jules the dog be allowed to stay.
Nicki Mann
And also signed by: Saint Francis, Abraham Lincoln, Grandpa, Grandma, Grandma Jen, Oprah, Mother Theresa, Ghandi, Leonardo DiVinci, my boss Jen, Chopper, Zip, Woody, Hard Times, Lobo, Trouble, Boo Radley, Ellen Degeneres, Mary Tyler Moore, Hilary Clinton, Doris Day, Jay, Mennlay, Diana, Jimmy, Brandon, Abby, Hayden, Clover, Lisa, Sarah, Megan, Baby, Champ, Sasha, Maggie, Melissa, all of the angels, and every person on earth who loves their pets.
(What about you? Will you sign it too?)


~Melissa~ said...

I just read this part in the book too!

I'll add my name to the petition. :)

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