Lurker, Delurk Thyself!

I learned from Roc Rebel Granny that the other day was DeLurker Day! I guess I'm a little too late for that, but I also heard somewhere else that this whole week is DeLurker Week. So, if you are a Lurker, this is the perfect time to DeLurk yourself!
What is a Lurker? (In case anyone is new to blogging!) Its a person who regularly reads a blog but never comments. Being a Lurker isn't a horrible thing... Its just more fun when people comment! Most people blog because they love to write and want to connect with others, and comments let us bloggers know that, yes, there is someone out there hearing what we spit out into Cyberspace!
Plus, if you have your own blog, and you leave a comment here and fill out the address of your blog in the comment section, then I can come visit your blog and leave a comment, and we can be one big happy family!
So, now's the time! DeLurk! Not just on this blog, but on all the blogs you lurk at!
And, to show my gratitude to all you former lurkers and non-lurkers, here is a little video for your entertainment.


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