I Can Do It!

Things are going pretty good lately, except for the fact that today my professor (the same one who told me that the special education thing probably won't work out for me) handed me a letter saying that last semester my grade point average went down to 2.67. and the lowest it can be is 2.75, so I have one semester to bring it up.
That shouldn't be a problem. All my classes this semester are special ed classes, and I always do much better in any education classes because I don't have as much trouble understanding.
My Adderall has also really been helpful for me to focus. Now I can actually take notes while the teacher is talking! Before, unless the teacher actually put the notes up on the overhead for everyone to copy, I could never take notes and listen at the same time. I would usually just try to listen, and then go home and take notes myself from the book and try to teach myself the material. Thats part of the reason I did so badly last semester... because I was working long hours, was exhausted, and just didn't have the time or energy to go to school and then come home and spend time teaching myself everything, plus doing homework, etc.
Other than that... Trixie is doing very well lately! She is a very strange dog though. The other day when we were going for a walk, she started barking ferociously at a snowman!
Another adventure we had yesterday was when we were walking, and a hawk flew out of a tree, carrying a squirrel in its talons. I could see the squirrel's tail wiggling. I yelled, "Oh my God!" And the hawk dropped the squirrel, right in front of us! SPLAT! It had been dead already... Apparently the hawk had slashed its throat. But it was still traumatizing. I am not accustomed to dead animals being thrown at me from above!
Even more traumatizing, Trixie rushed towards the dead squirrel to sniff it, and probably to eat it! I pulled her away, but she slipped right out of her collar and ran to the squirrel. I had to chase her, scoop her up in my arms, and whisk her away from the grissly scene!
Today Trixie is sort of sick. She has diarreah again... this time from sneaking into Sammy-Joe's hut and eating his food. She kind of enjoys being sick. She gets warm rice mixed in with her dog food, and an ice cube in her water dish!


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