How's Trix?

Hi everyone! The other day my alarmingly short blog entry notified everyone that I get to keep the dog formerly known as Sandy, Julia and Jules! We've changed her name to Trixie. We were trying to think of good names for this odd doggie, but nothing seemed to fit! She is a girl dog but not very feminine looking, and she is very goofy! A lot of the time she is very calm and just likes to sleep or cuddle, but the other half of the time it is like she is trying to play and be a puppy but she doesn't quite know how! So she sort of flops around and tries to bite her own legs and tail and stands on her head and rolls around and stuff.
When we were trying to come up with names, I suggested "Trixie", and everyone thought it worked great! We called her by that name, and she looked up! It was pretty weird.
Trixie now has a rawhide bone, a sock, a tennis ball, and a stuffed duck to play with. She is afraid of the tennis ball, though. When you throw it, instead of chasing it she hides behind you and then looks up at you like, "WTF???"
Sadly, she is also scared of sticks, the broom, flashlights, and many other blunt objects. We often bring a flashlight out when we take her in the back yard at night, and when she sees it, she cowers. My dad and I also tried picking up sticks and throwing them, thinking she would chase the sticks like our other dogs always loved to do. But whenever you pick up a stick she actually yanks her leash out of your hand and runs away! We think whoever originally had her must have hit her with a stick. :(
She really loves her rawhide bone though! And she loves her stuffed duck. When you throw it, she runs after it, picks it up, and then shakes it and throws it for herself!
She is such a sweet doggie... I am so glad she gets to stay!


Anonymous said...

Yay!!! Awesome!!!! Welcome to your new home Trixie!!!


~Melissa~ said...

So glad you get to keep her!!! I love the name too :)

Shannon @ Gabi's World said...

So glad you get to keep her.

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