First Day Of School... sort of

I finally managed to drag myself to school today! It didn't go well. I had a hard time getting up this morning because I had a wicked bad headache and still felt really shitty... you know how after you get over the flu, your entire body is just aching, like it's completely traumatized by the ordeal? And I was really lightheaded and everything, probably from having missed my medications for the past two days (I was scared to take it because puking up medicine tastes horrible!)
So I managed to somehow get to school, but even though I got there on time, it took me like ten hours to actually find a parking spot anywhere within the vicinity of my class. I had to drive across campus, park there, and then walk back across to my class... which made me about ten minutes late. And when I got there, the teacher was not there, and all of the other students were packing up their stuff and leaving! Everyone just sort of looked curiously at me as they walked out. Finally one friendly dude let me know that the class had been let out after only a few minutes because the teacher had had to go somewhere, but that nothing important had happened so I hadn't missed anything. Man! I could have gotten an extra two hours of sleep!
I did go to my second class though but it was mostly a whole series of technical difficulties. I really don't like the first week of class ever because nothing much happens, you just sit around and talk about what is going to happen, which is really hard for me cause I'm like, "Okay lets just do it then, lets go, lets get a move on!" But it was okay because the teacher is pretty funny and makes sense, which barely ever happens at my school!
NEIU really irritates me sometimes, I have to say... Maybe it was because I got spoiled from the community colleges I went to before. But don't you find it slightly weird that community colleges would have all the state-of-the-art stuff in the classrooms like those computers that project onto the screen so you can do power point presentations and junk? At NEIU you are lucky if you get to class and there are enough chairs to sit on and you don't end up with one that has a broken table or something.
In other news.
I have some updates about the girls but remember you have to go to my Undercover Blog to see them!
The girls are always asking me if they can live with me if "Anything happens." Maggie always asks can she live with me "when Daddy dies," and I have to explain to her that by the time her dad dies she'll probably be grown up, unless he dies very young, which should be an "if" situation and not a "when" situation! But I know what she means...
And then I have to explain to them, with my tail between my legs, that they cannot live with me because I don't have any money and I live with my parents, and that at least until I finish school I'm SOL.
But today I was thinking, "Sheeyit. If worse came to worse, I could totally get an apartment! I have enough money saved up for a month's rent in advance, plus I'll be getting my student aid refund, and I could probably get some sort of assistance for the girls... we could totally make it work!
I mean, I know I am often stressed out when I have the girls with me for long amounts of time, but thats really because I have no where to bring them, not because I don't enjoy having them. When you have to spend your time trying to secure a place to sleep on a case-by-case basis, you have to sneak kids into work with you and try to get as much of your job done as you can in between settling arguments and cleaning up after them, when you've fed them dinner from vending machines or driven randomly through a strange town until you find the one fastfood restaurant that is still open, when you literally never have a moment alone because you're usually in the car and obviously they're there with you, messing with the dashboard controls and begging for McDonalds... even a few days seems like eternity! But if I had an apartment, like a normal person... that would be different.
Then I checked my bank account and found that I have negative $179 in my checking account. (I still have some in my savings account, but lately I seem to be depleting my savings by transferring it into my checking account every seven minutes to cover unexpected expenses!) And I realized, "Ugh."
Sidenote: When recovering from the stomach flu... If, after a few days, you finally start feeling hungry, and all you've eaten in the past two days is a handful of pretzels? Do not choose pasta with parmezan cheese and pepper, and a Cherry Coke, as your first meal.
Double ugh.


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