Aggravated Angel

Ugh, this school thing is not going well. If you have ADHD, have you ever felt like you're somehow always missing valuable bits of information? Like everyone else knows or has something that just didn't get handed out to you? Even if you took special care to write the information down, it turns out to be somehow wrong?
I mean, life sucked bad enough because I was so sick and missed my first day of the semester. Complicating things further, my school requires people to register via the telephone, and there is no other way to register for classes. But for my Special Ed program, there was one class that somehow couldn't be registered for via telephone. So when I had gone to a meeting for beginning Special Ed majors at the end of last semester, I was told to sign a paper in order to sign up for that one class, which has to be taken this semester and no other semester.
When I registered for my other classes via the telephone, I noticed that that one odd class didn't show up on my schedule, but I figured maybe that was just because I didn't register for it on the telephone. Plus my school doesn't send you a copy of your schedule. You just have to somehow know it. When the semester starts you can go request a print out from the office, which I did do yesterday, and I found out I still wasn't registered for that class!
Emailed the department counselor dude to ask him what to do. He emailed me back telling me to call him or stop by his office. I didn't get the message from him till I was all the way back home, so I called the phone number he'd given us at that initial meeting last semester, but couldn't get ahold of anyone. Tried again today at a different number, which I tracked down myself using the Internet, and found out the counselor doesn't work on Fridays at all. So... the class was supposed to be tonight but... I don't know?
Just as well anyway, I'm still not feeling great. I feel depleted. I've been so tired and listless all day, and I still can't really eat without getting nauseous. Yesterday I had Triscuits for dinner again, and today I drank some hot chocolate, and basically thats all I've had in the past four days. Am I, like, dying or something?
And I have to go to work tomorrow, and I'm not happy about that. My boss initially wanted me to start working on both Saturdays and Sundays, since I can't work on Friday nights anymore due to this hypothetical class I may or not be in. But that would have given me zero days off within the week. I would have to get up and go to either school or work every single day of my life. That would suck. So I said no. As a result I'm really only working about 15 hours a week now. Going broke. Losing my mind. Having trouble looking on the briiiight siiiide of liiiife...


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