Technology Is Cool!

Weird thought...
My nephew is eleven. He texted me today. We had the longest conversation I've had with him since he was about 6!

My Tivo Is A Couch Potato!

Shortly after Christmas, my parents sprung for Tivo.
It was supposed to be their Christmas present to themselves.
The problem is, they refuse to hook it up! They tried to, but then they learned that someone from Comcast actually has to come out and run some sort of router or something to hook it up. They also found out that Comcast charges them for Tivo!
So the Tivo is now sitting in its box on the couch, making it awfully hard for me to nap there.
They also bought a Wifi router, but they refuse to hook that up, as well!
I actually hooked it up one night. My mom dismantled it the next morning. She said Wifi made it possible for all sorts of people to hack into our computer and steal our identities.
The Wifi router is now sitting on top of the printer, unplugged.
I wonder what they'll spring for next? Maybe they'll build a swimming pool and then refuse to fill it with water! That would make a nice little place for the animals to play outside in, without me having to follow them around on their leashes. Hmmmm...


I Can Do It!

Things are going pretty good lately, except for the fact that today my professor (the same one who told me that the special education thing probably won't work out for me) handed me a letter saying that last semester my grade point average went down to 2.67. and the lowest it can be is 2.75, so I have one semester to bring it up.
That shouldn't be a problem. All my classes this semester are special ed classes, and I always do much better in any education classes because I don't have as much trouble understanding.
My Adderall has also really been helpful for me to focus. Now I can actually take notes while the teacher is talking! Before, unless the teacher actually put the notes up on the overhead for everyone to copy, I could never take notes and listen at the same time. I would usually just try to listen, and then go home and take notes myself from the book and try to teach myself the material. Thats part of the reason I did so badly last semester... because I was working long hours, was exhausted, and just didn't have the time or energy to go to school and then come home and spend time teaching myself everything, plus doing homework, etc.
Other than that... Trixie is doing very well lately! She is a very strange dog though. The other day when we were going for a walk, she started barking ferociously at a snowman!
Another adventure we had yesterday was when we were walking, and a hawk flew out of a tree, carrying a squirrel in its talons. I could see the squirrel's tail wiggling. I yelled, "Oh my God!" And the hawk dropped the squirrel, right in front of us! SPLAT! It had been dead already... Apparently the hawk had slashed its throat. But it was still traumatizing. I am not accustomed to dead animals being thrown at me from above!
Even more traumatizing, Trixie rushed towards the dead squirrel to sniff it, and probably to eat it! I pulled her away, but she slipped right out of her collar and ran to the squirrel. I had to chase her, scoop her up in my arms, and whisk her away from the grissly scene!
Today Trixie is sort of sick. She has diarreah again... this time from sneaking into Sammy-Joe's hut and eating his food. She kind of enjoys being sick. She gets warm rice mixed in with her dog food, and an ice cube in her water dish!



So. My dog has been having diarreah since we first got her. At first we thought it was because of all the stress of having been on death row in the pound, then rescued by the Almost Home Foundation people, and then coming to live with us. Then, we thought it was the food she was eating. Then we thought maybe it was the treats. Finally my mom took her to the vet, and it turned out that it was none of the above! Instead, she has worms!
I now understand why my dog is constantly hungry, yet never seems to gain any weight. On the other hand, now when she begs for food while I'm eating, I don't have to feel guilty about sharing. I know it won't make her sick or unhealthy. I'm basically just giving her intestinal parasites a little snack!
Luckily she got dewormed at the vet. Now the worms will come out in her poop.

I want to become a vegetarian...

I'm always aspiring to be a vegetarian, but this poem, which I found on Mylot (a site sort of like Yahoo Answers, except you get paid for posting and responding!), may put me over the edge.

Poem By The Animals
author unknown

I will never see the sun rise, I will never see it set,
I will never feel a kind touch, I will never be a pet,
I will never feel love, For I will not be loved,
As I’m led to my murder, Being prodded, poked and shoved.

As they cut my tender skin, I wondered who would care,
If anybody out there, Would consider my despair.

For you did not see me die, And you did not see me bleed,
You did not hear me cry, For the meat that you don’t need.

You did not watch them kill me, You could not feel my pain,
You will try not to think of me,As you blindly eat again.

I was the cow you ate on Monday, The pig you had midweek,
I was the turkey for your Christmas, I was the calf you liked to eat.

I was the chicken in your sandwich, The duck you had for tea,
I felt pain beyond belief, But you never thought of me.

Because thinking can be painful, And you refuse to see,
That for every time you eat meat, Those animals must bleed.

The cow was killed for Monday, The pig was scolded too,
The turkey lived for 16 weeks, And the calf had died for you.

The chicken lived inside a cage, The duck could hardly move,
And all of this suffering, Occurred for so called food.

I fail to see a reason, As there is no need,
When humans eat my meat, It is purely for their greed.

You may think you’re above me, That you have advantage,
But a kind, innocent creature, Is better than a savage.

So next time you’re out shopping, Try to feel some guilt,
For those animals have died, For your eggs, your meat and milk.

My heroes are those people, Who will not bite into me,
So I ask a simple favour, And please stop eating meat.

I’m asking for the cows, The pigs and all the sheep,
I’m asking for the birds, Who are more than just some meat.

They can’t speak themselves, So please lets be their voice,
Every one born into this, For them there was no choice.

For you did not see me die, And you did not see me bleed,
You did not hear me cry, For the meat that you don’t need.


Why Angel is ALWAYS Late No Matter What!

I have an update on the girls if you're interested!
By the way, just in case my professor is reading this, let me tell you why I was late for class today. Here is a little info on how my mornings go! (And just so you know, yes we do have two bathrooms... but the one downstairs contains just a toilet and a washbasin, whereas the other one contains a shower, a large sink with drawers stocked with hygiene stuff, etc.)

8:15... Wake up because dog is yelling at me through the gate. Notice Mom is in the bathroom, so I figure I will go back to sleep until she gets out, so I can take a shower when she's done.

8:25... Wake up again. Mom still in shower.

8:35... Wake up again. Mom out of shower but still in bathroom.

8:45... Wake up again. Mom still in bathroom.

8:55. Mom still in bathroom. Decide to get up and get dressed without taking a shower.

9:10... Play with dog. Mom still in bathroom.

9:20... Make some breakfast. Mom still in bathroom.

9:30... Mom comes down and asks me to help put dog's eardrops in.

9:35... Mom goes back into the bathroom.

9:40... Mom comes down. I say, "Oh man, I have to leave for school in twenty minutes, and I still haven't even brushed my teeth!"

9:41... Mom says, "Well, you'd better giddyup then!"

9:42... I kill Mom. (j/k) Actually I go upstairs and use the bathroom to wash up as best I can without an actual shower.

9:45... Go outside and begin the process of scrapping and brushing the snow off of my car.

9:52... Leave for school. Although obviously I never got to take a shower, it is okay because I had purposely scheduled myself to leave half an hour earlier than necessary, hoping I could get to school and have time to relax, check my email in the computer lab, have a muffin, etc.

(I then spend the next hour and a half stuck in inch-by-inch traffic on I-90)

11:00... Dash into my class, late as usual... probably giving the professor, the same one who said he's concerned the program won't work out for me, more ammunition to see me as a failure!

But... what can ya do?


Trixie's Ears, and Other Troubling Things!

Trixie had her first trip to the vet today! We thought she had some sort of mold growing on her ears. It turns out that it is a yeast infection! Did you know dogs can get yeast infections in their ears? Now we have to put ear wash in her ears every other day, and mush it around in her ear canals, and then twice a day we have to give her ear drops. She really hates it! When the vet did it for her, she jumped off the table and started running around the room, rubbing her ears against the ground frantically! She looked like a rabid animal or something.
The vet said her ears were so full of wax and infected junk, she probably can't hear very well!
Poor doggie...
She's such a good dog, but very goofy! She likes to jump up on top of the radiator with all four of her legs, which none of the other dogs ever even tried to do. She also likes to flop around like a crazed fish! She loves to follow people everywhere. Right now she's lying right below me on the floor, as I work on the computer.
I'll post some pictures tomorrow when I unload them from my camera!


How's Trix?

Hi everyone! The other day my alarmingly short blog entry notified everyone that I get to keep the dog formerly known as Sandy, Julia and Jules! We've changed her name to Trixie. We were trying to think of good names for this odd doggie, but nothing seemed to fit! She is a girl dog but not very feminine looking, and she is very goofy! A lot of the time she is very calm and just likes to sleep or cuddle, but the other half of the time it is like she is trying to play and be a puppy but she doesn't quite know how! So she sort of flops around and tries to bite her own legs and tail and stands on her head and rolls around and stuff.
When we were trying to come up with names, I suggested "Trixie", and everyone thought it worked great! We called her by that name, and she looked up! It was pretty weird.
Trixie now has a rawhide bone, a sock, a tennis ball, and a stuffed duck to play with. She is afraid of the tennis ball, though. When you throw it, instead of chasing it she hides behind you and then looks up at you like, "WTF???"
Sadly, she is also scared of sticks, the broom, flashlights, and many other blunt objects. We often bring a flashlight out when we take her in the back yard at night, and when she sees it, she cowers. My dad and I also tried picking up sticks and throwing them, thinking she would chase the sticks like our other dogs always loved to do. But whenever you pick up a stick she actually yanks her leash out of your hand and runs away! We think whoever originally had her must have hit her with a stick. :(
She really loves her rawhide bone though! And she loves her stuffed duck. When you throw it, she runs after it, picks it up, and then shakes it and throws it for herself!
She is such a sweet doggie... I am so glad she gets to stay!



I get to keep Jules!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(But we're changing her name... I doubt she'l mind. She doesn't respond to "Jules" or "Sandy" anyway...)


My Petition For Jules!

I have been reading this autobiographical book called Eat Pray Love, for a book club I recently joined. In one part of it, the woman wonders why she can't just petition God for things to start going well for her. Her friend says, "Why not?" So the woman creates a mental petition about what she wants (in this case it was for her divorce to go more smoothly) and then mentally added signatures of all the people she thought would sign it if they could. And it worked! Apparently this was a form of manifestation , because ten minutes later, she got a call from her lawyer saying that the divorce papers had finally been signed! (Or something divorcey like that... I'm not sure how that all works...)
So. I decided maybe I should give that a try! So here is my petition:

Dear God,
I feel that Jules, the dog that recently came into my life as a "foster dog", should be allowed to stay with me for good. From the moment she set foot in our house, she's settled right in, making herself at home. She's the perfect dog... she's just so happy to spend time with us, whether she's going with us for long walks, romping around in the backyard, or just hanging out on the couch and watching TV.
When my dog Chopper died, I realized how important it was for me to have a dog around, for my own sanity and sense of balance. Of course no dog can replace Chopper, but Jules is a wonderful dog in different ways! A while ago I had thought to myself that, if I got another dog, I would train him to be a pet therapy dog. That way he could officially be my emotional support dog, and we could also give back to the world by visiting others. I was thinking msybe we could visit at the two homeless women and children shelters in this area, once a month or so. I think Jules would just love the attention and activities, and the kids would love her!
Jules has already been through a lot in life. She's only nine months old, and she got abandoned by her first owners, and gave birth to a litter of puppies! I want her to be able to settle in here and not have to move anymore!
I hereby request that Jules the dog be allowed to stay.
Nicki Mann
And also signed by: Saint Francis, Abraham Lincoln, Grandpa, Grandma, Grandma Jen, Oprah, Mother Theresa, Ghandi, Leonardo DiVinci, my boss Jen, Chopper, Zip, Woody, Hard Times, Lobo, Trouble, Boo Radley, Ellen Degeneres, Mary Tyler Moore, Hilary Clinton, Doris Day, Jay, Mennlay, Diana, Jimmy, Brandon, Abby, Hayden, Clover, Lisa, Sarah, Megan, Baby, Champ, Sasha, Maggie, Melissa, all of the angels, and every person on earth who loves their pets.
(What about you? Will you sign it too?)

Update On Girls



This Doggie Has Stolen My Heart!

Hi everyone! Well, me and my mom have officially started being "foster parents" for dogs! Today we got our first dog, and she is such a wonderful dog! I guess her name used to be Sandy, but for some reason the shelter people changed it to Julia. Me and my mom thought Julia was sort of a dumb name for a dog, but we didn't want to change it in case she gets adopted, so we decided to shorten it to Jules. I told Jules that her name is after the song "Hey Jude," which was originally entitled "Hey Jules" and was written for Julian Lennon when he was a little kid. But it feels weird to call her Jules. We were thinking of other names we wish we could call her, but we don't want to confuse her!
Jules's story is that, although she's estimated to be about nine months old or so, she's already had a litter of puppies! Someone dumped her off in the country somewhere, and she was brought into a shelter along with her puppies. We can tell she must have been someone's pet once, because she is mostly potty-trained already, she knows words like "No" and "Sit", and she loves to cuddle and get petted!
When we first saw her at Petsmart she was sort of indifferent towards us, just calmer than all the other dogs but not really trying to get petted or anything either. But as soon as we got her home, she settled right in, and has been acting like she runs the place ever since!
She got a bath today, got blow-dried and brushed, got a brand new collar, and has her own crate! (She loves her crate and already took a nap in it!)
Dude, I seriously hope we can somehow keep her. My dad and me already want to keep her, but my mom just keeps talking about how on Saturday she's gotta go to the adoption show and she'll "Hopefully" get adopted by someone else.
Here is a slideshow I made of Jules's first day here!

Will Angel Make It In Life? (Circle Y/N)

Just got back from school... and actually I am writing this from the computer at my mom's work, which I will explain in a minute. But first of course I have to explain why I am upset today!
Remember how the other day I explained that I was having trouble with my school schedule, because I had not been scheduled for this one particular class, which I had signed up for at a meeting last semester by signing a piece of paper, because it wasn't possible to sign up through the telephone system? And then I was having trouble tracking down the department guy to figure out what to do? (He is also one of the teachers.)
Today I went to class and saw that teacher, and he asked to speak to me after class to straighten things out. So after class I actually had to go to his office with him, where he told me that I was supposed to sign up for that third class on the telephone system after all, and that signing the piece of paper had actually only been a way for him to get the names of people he had to authorize to sign up for this class. Then he said that a few other people had also had trouble signing up for the class, but those people had called him weeks ago, and had been able to straighten it out. He said that being a special education teacher requires one to be on top of things like that. He asked me if I had trouble organizing things for myself, and when I admitted that I have ADHD, he said he was a little concerend that this (meaing, I guess, the special ed program) wasn't going to work out for me.
Then he showed me the school's course catalog and made me read aloud to him the time of the third class, to prove that I understood how to sign up for it.
Perhaps this is the way my whole life will go. I will try very hard in life, actually make great accomplishments, but there will always be these little pieces of information missing, these little things everyone else besides me knows. And when I go to get teaching jobs, people will say, "Its admireable that you've been able to do this and this and this, but we really need someone for whom everything isn't such a struggle. You're a hard worker, but we need someone who doesn't have to work quite so hard to complete ordinary tasks. Someone who doesn't lose all the slips of papers they need to keep track of. Someone who doesn't panic at the prospect of making phone calls. Someone who doesn't freeze up when decisions need to be made. Someone whose shoes aren't constantly untied, whose hair doesn't fall down in their eyes, whose shirt is buttoned correctly. Someone who can look a person in the eye while speaking to them, without getting distracted by having to remember, 'Eye contact, eye contact, eye contact!' Someone who doesn't have to swallow a handful of pills each morning just to get through the day. And by the way, parents of kids with special needs don't want their children being taught by someone who cannot do math, who gets bored by politics and history, who doodles all over their desk... Good luck, and get lost!"
I want to be a special education teacher so bad, but sometimes it feels like I have no business even wishing for things like that...

And now for a more cheerful matter.
I am at my mom's work right now because, as soon as she gets out of some sort of meeting, we are going to go pick up our new foster dog! (I'll post pictures and write more about that tomorrow!)


"Maybe... " (stolen from an email sent by Diana)

Diana is always sending me these inspirational emails, but since I don't really have anyone else but her to send them to, I figured I'd just post this one right here, for your enjoyment!
Maybe we were supposed to meet the wrong people before meeting the right one so that, when we finally meet the right person, we will know how to be grateful for that gift.
Maybe when the door of happiness closes, another opens; but, often times, we look so long at the closed door that we don't even see the new one which has been opened for us.
Maybe it is true that we don't know what we have until we lose it, but it is also true that we don't know what we have been missing until it arrives.
Maybe the happiest of people don't necessarily have the best of everything; they just make the most of everything that comes along their way.
Maybe the brightest future will always be based on a forgotten past; after all, you can't go on successfully in life until you let go of your past mistakes, failures, and heartaches.
Maybe you should dream what you want to dream; go where you want to go, be what you want to be, because you have only one life and one chance to do all the things you dream of, and want to do.
Maybe there are moments in life when you miss someone - a parent, a spouse, a friend, a child, your girlfriend/boyfriend -- -- so much that you just want to pick them from your dreams and hug them for real, so that once they are around you appreciate them more.
Maybe the best kind of friend is the kind you can sit on a porch and swing with, never say a word, and then walk away feeling like it was the best conversation you've ever had.
Maybe you should always try to put yourself in others' shoes. If you feel that something could hurt you, it probably will hurt the other person, too.
Maybe you should do something nice for someone every single day, even if it is simply to leave them alone.
Maybe giving someone all your love is never an assurance that they will love you back. Don't expect love in return; just wait for it to grow in their heart; but if it doesn't, be content that it grew in yours.
Maybe happiness waits for all those who cry, all those who hurt, all those who have searched, and all those who have tried, for only they can appreciate the importance of all the people who have touched their lives.
Maybe you shouldn't go for looks; they can deceive; don't go for wealth; even that fades away. Go for someone who makes you smile, because it takes only a smile to make a dark day seem bright. Find the one who makes your heart smile.
Maybe you should hope for enough happiness to make you sweet, enough trials to make you strong, enough sorrow to keep you human, and enough hope to make you happy.
Maybe . . you should try to live your life to the fullest because when you were born, you were crying and everyone around you was smiling, but when you die, you can be the one who is smiling and everyone around you is crying.
Maybe you could repost this message for those people who mean something to you, to those who have touched your life, to those who can and do make you smile when you really need it, to those who make you see the brighter side of things when you are really down, and to all those whom you want to know that you appreciate them and their friendship



My Nona's Big Fat Italian Birthday Party!

Hi everyone! Had a busy couple of days! I worked all day yesterday, then went to see the movie "Juno" with Diana and her mom and younger sister, then hung out at Diana's house and spent the night, and then this morning I went to my Nona's 75th birthday party!
My mom totally tricked me into going. I usually get really nervous about family gatherings because I just have trouble being around a lot of people, and I am always embarrassed if I'm going to be around additional people who I don't know well but who are connected to my family in some way. First of all everyone assumes I am still in high school, or they mix me up with my younger cousin Jessica who is 19 and is away at college like a regular kid. Then, when I admit how old I actually am, first we have to do the, "Oh my God, you're how old?" routine, and then field all sorts of questions like Where do I live, am I married, to I have children, what is my career, why am I still in college... bleh. Plus I am just generally uncomfortable in social situations. My idea of a good time is exactly what I did last night... going out and doing something with a few very close friends, or just hanging out at home with friends and family members. Maybe going out to a small local bar once in a while. Nightclubs and cocktail parties are very overwhelming for me, and even large family gatherings can be tough! I just never know what to do, where to stand, what to say... and when it is noisy, I cannot understand what anyone is saying, making me even more nervous!
So I had asked my mom who was going to be at the party, and she said, "Just us... you know, family." Which would mean the usual crew: my Nona and Bopop, two uncles, one aunt, all their spouses, two teenage cousins (except for when the older one is still away at college) and three cousins who are small children.
Later my mom added, "Plus Auntie Etta." (MY great-aunt.) Okay, cool. "Plus Uncle Leo and Aunt Harriet. (My great uncle and stepaunt.) Cool, cool... I really don't see them very much at all anymore, so that might be nice, right?
"And the Pillars." (My Nona and Bopop's former neighbors.) Okaaaay.
"Plus like twelve of their neighbors and friends."
So it wasn't really a small gathering, and my nervousness doubled... but it actually turned out rather well. I sat by my one uncle and his toddler son (his wife couldn't come) and two of my grandparents' neighbors. I did pretty good at conversing with my grandparent's neighbors. The fact that my little cousins were there probably helped a lot, because I am always more like my regular, relaxed self when I am around little kids. I conversed with my grandparents' neighbors about how smart my one little cousin was (he's usually very shy, but he's extremely bright, and today he was talking up a storm!) and then moved on to other topics, like my job, and the fact that my grandparents' neighbors often spy on me out their window when I go to visit my grandparents, and that they admired the colorful tights I wore on Christmas.
(See, I'm not just paranoid! People are watching me!!!!)
And, dude, there was so much food there! First there was bread, and then soup, and then salad. Then the main course, which I didn't actually eat much of, because I was already full from my bread, soup and salad! Then spumoni ice cream, and then giant slices of cake! By the end, I thought I would pop!
It wasn't even Italian food... the party was at my Nona's favorite restaurant, a sea food restaurant... but I guess it doesn't matter what kind of food is served! Italian people just know how to pack it away!
At any rate, except for having to work on Saturday, I would say this weekend was close to perfect!


Aggravated Angel

Ugh, this school thing is not going well. If you have ADHD, have you ever felt like you're somehow always missing valuable bits of information? Like everyone else knows or has something that just didn't get handed out to you? Even if you took special care to write the information down, it turns out to be somehow wrong?
I mean, life sucked bad enough because I was so sick and missed my first day of the semester. Complicating things further, my school requires people to register via the telephone, and there is no other way to register for classes. But for my Special Ed program, there was one class that somehow couldn't be registered for via telephone. So when I had gone to a meeting for beginning Special Ed majors at the end of last semester, I was told to sign a paper in order to sign up for that one class, which has to be taken this semester and no other semester.
When I registered for my other classes via the telephone, I noticed that that one odd class didn't show up on my schedule, but I figured maybe that was just because I didn't register for it on the telephone. Plus my school doesn't send you a copy of your schedule. You just have to somehow know it. When the semester starts you can go request a print out from the office, which I did do yesterday, and I found out I still wasn't registered for that class!
Emailed the department counselor dude to ask him what to do. He emailed me back telling me to call him or stop by his office. I didn't get the message from him till I was all the way back home, so I called the phone number he'd given us at that initial meeting last semester, but couldn't get ahold of anyone. Tried again today at a different number, which I tracked down myself using the Internet, and found out the counselor doesn't work on Fridays at all. So... the class was supposed to be tonight but... I don't know?
Just as well anyway, I'm still not feeling great. I feel depleted. I've been so tired and listless all day, and I still can't really eat without getting nauseous. Yesterday I had Triscuits for dinner again, and today I drank some hot chocolate, and basically thats all I've had in the past four days. Am I, like, dying or something?
And I have to go to work tomorrow, and I'm not happy about that. My boss initially wanted me to start working on both Saturdays and Sundays, since I can't work on Friday nights anymore due to this hypothetical class I may or not be in. But that would have given me zero days off within the week. I would have to get up and go to either school or work every single day of my life. That would suck. So I said no. As a result I'm really only working about 15 hours a week now. Going broke. Losing my mind. Having trouble looking on the briiiight siiiide of liiiife...

Lurker, Delurk Thyself!

I learned from Roc Rebel Granny that the other day was DeLurker Day! I guess I'm a little too late for that, but I also heard somewhere else that this whole week is DeLurker Week. So, if you are a Lurker, this is the perfect time to DeLurk yourself!
What is a Lurker? (In case anyone is new to blogging!) Its a person who regularly reads a blog but never comments. Being a Lurker isn't a horrible thing... Its just more fun when people comment! Most people blog because they love to write and want to connect with others, and comments let us bloggers know that, yes, there is someone out there hearing what we spit out into Cyberspace!
Plus, if you have your own blog, and you leave a comment here and fill out the address of your blog in the comment section, then I can come visit your blog and leave a comment, and we can be one big happy family!
So, now's the time! DeLurk! Not just on this blog, but on all the blogs you lurk at!
And, to show my gratitude to all you former lurkers and non-lurkers, here is a little video for your entertainment.


I found a really cool site...

Check out this site I found! I found it while I was browsing Craigslist. More about that later. Anyway, the site I'm trying to tell you about is Askwish.com. Its a site for people to make, and grant, wishes for each other!
Its free to sign up, and when you sign up you automatically have 500 "bones". You use the bones to pay people for granting wishes, and you get more bones when you grant other people's wishes!
Anyone can make or grant a wish, and there is no limit to the wishes. One lady teaches a fine-arts program to at-risk middle school kids and was wishing for donations of art supplies if people had extras. Some people are offering to give, or wishing to have, free lessons in a language, instrument, sport, etc. It was actually created by one individual dude, in his spare time! Go check it out! Right now. Go.

First Day Of School... sort of

I finally managed to drag myself to school today! It didn't go well. I had a hard time getting up this morning because I had a wicked bad headache and still felt really shitty... you know how after you get over the flu, your entire body is just aching, like it's completely traumatized by the ordeal? And I was really lightheaded and everything, probably from having missed my medications for the past two days (I was scared to take it because puking up medicine tastes horrible!)
So I managed to somehow get to school, but even though I got there on time, it took me like ten hours to actually find a parking spot anywhere within the vicinity of my class. I had to drive across campus, park there, and then walk back across to my class... which made me about ten minutes late. And when I got there, the teacher was not there, and all of the other students were packing up their stuff and leaving! Everyone just sort of looked curiously at me as they walked out. Finally one friendly dude let me know that the class had been let out after only a few minutes because the teacher had had to go somewhere, but that nothing important had happened so I hadn't missed anything. Man! I could have gotten an extra two hours of sleep!
I did go to my second class though but it was mostly a whole series of technical difficulties. I really don't like the first week of class ever because nothing much happens, you just sit around and talk about what is going to happen, which is really hard for me cause I'm like, "Okay lets just do it then, lets go, lets get a move on!" But it was okay because the teacher is pretty funny and makes sense, which barely ever happens at my school!
NEIU really irritates me sometimes, I have to say... Maybe it was because I got spoiled from the community colleges I went to before. But don't you find it slightly weird that community colleges would have all the state-of-the-art stuff in the classrooms like those computers that project onto the screen so you can do power point presentations and junk? At NEIU you are lucky if you get to class and there are enough chairs to sit on and you don't end up with one that has a broken table or something.
In other news.
I have some updates about the girls but remember you have to go to my Undercover Blog to see them!
The girls are always asking me if they can live with me if "Anything happens." Maggie always asks can she live with me "when Daddy dies," and I have to explain to her that by the time her dad dies she'll probably be grown up, unless he dies very young, which should be an "if" situation and not a "when" situation! But I know what she means...
And then I have to explain to them, with my tail between my legs, that they cannot live with me because I don't have any money and I live with my parents, and that at least until I finish school I'm SOL.
But today I was thinking, "Sheeyit. If worse came to worse, I could totally get an apartment! I have enough money saved up for a month's rent in advance, plus I'll be getting my student aid refund, and I could probably get some sort of assistance for the girls... we could totally make it work!
I mean, I know I am often stressed out when I have the girls with me for long amounts of time, but thats really because I have no where to bring them, not because I don't enjoy having them. When you have to spend your time trying to secure a place to sleep on a case-by-case basis, you have to sneak kids into work with you and try to get as much of your job done as you can in between settling arguments and cleaning up after them, when you've fed them dinner from vending machines or driven randomly through a strange town until you find the one fastfood restaurant that is still open, when you literally never have a moment alone because you're usually in the car and obviously they're there with you, messing with the dashboard controls and begging for McDonalds... even a few days seems like eternity! But if I had an apartment, like a normal person... that would be different.
Then I checked my bank account and found that I have negative $179 in my checking account. (I still have some in my savings account, but lately I seem to be depleting my savings by transferring it into my checking account every seven minutes to cover unexpected expenses!) And I realized, "Ugh."
Sidenote: When recovering from the stomach flu... If, after a few days, you finally start feeling hungry, and all you've eaten in the past two days is a handful of pretzels? Do not choose pasta with parmezan cheese and pepper, and a Cherry Coke, as your first meal.
Double ugh.


Sick Angel

I've been sick as a... I dunno, a corpse... yesterday and today. I had the stomach flu yesterday and basically spent the whole day writhing in agony, between dizzying trips to the bathroom, bucket in hand for extra support!
At least today I can focus my eyes long enough to blog! I am eating some pretzels and watching TV.
My cat was a great guard cat last night... I slept on the couch downstairs and he slept by me all night! (For a while though he was sleeping on my stomach, which was quite painful!) When I woke up in the morning and looked at him, he said, "Meow!" and then went upstairs to do other things! I love that little dude so much...
No word on the girls. I heard from Melissa on Monday and everything was okay, but I was too sick to call her yesterday...
Hopefully I'll talk to them today sometime.
Ugh, I'm gonna go lie back down.


I'm Fruity

I stole this quiz from Mother Of Shrek...

Take the What Fruit Are You? test by Ellen!

Hmm. Figures!

Feeling Much Better Now

Well, after 13 hours of sleep, and after catching up on all the medication I forgot to take during this weekend's ordeal, I feel 100% better! Unfortunately I have to work today... I feel like I just left work yesterday! But then, tomorrow, I start school! I found this video on my camera, from this weekend... Check it out!


Weekend Fun

I wrote about the events of today in my secret blog.
The rest of the weeked was pretty good... despite that fiasco! The girls did have a lot of fun this weekend, being able to see Brandon and Abby and Hayden and Diana and Jimmy, being with me at work, and swimming at the hotel. I tried to take a lot of pictures. When it comes to the girls I have always taken as many pictures as possible, knowing that each day I see them may be the last time I see them, at least for an undeterminable amount of time! Someday when they are older I will give them a huge book of all the pictures, and they will see that there were a lot of good times mixed in with the bad times.
I miss Diana and them so much now... I feel homesick for them... but I was so tired, I just had to come back to my own bed and my cat and everything.
Tomorrow I have work again... ugh...

Check out our slide show of the weekend!


Update on girls

I have decided to create an Invitation Only blog for when I discuss things about the girls... only because I don't want certain people finding out my thoughts, feelings and actions regarding the situation. If you have commented in this blog so far, you will be invited to read the secret version as well, and if you would like to be included for the secret blog, just email me.
If you do email me to be included, please give me the link to your blog, profile or some sort of info about you. The only reason for this is that some people in the past have created fake email addresses and pretended to be fake people, in order to spy on me. (Actually only one person did this and his name was Bruce, but I'm sure other people could figure out this trick too!)

I will be posting all regular things at this blog I am writing in now, and all things regarding the girls at the secret blog.


Where's George? No. Not Waldo. GEORGE!

Today I went to the post office to mail a package to my brother, and I got a dollar bill in my change that had a stamp on it saying "This bill registered with WheresGeorge.com." (Check out the picture above, which I took with my brand new digital camera!) It turned out the bill was registered by someone in New York, who apparently registers every bill he gets.
I thought it was pretty cool, so I signed up and entered all my bills, too! Hopefully when I spend my money, someone will enter more info about my bills, and I can see how far they go!
You can even check out my WheresGeorge profile if you want!
I am so easily amused...

Why I Am A Loser

The post that used to be here has been whisked away to my Secret Blog! (If you want to read it, email me, and I'll send you an invitation!)


Snack Time At Work

Me: Hi! WOuld you like a snack? We have carrots and celery and dip.
Resident 1: Well, I need something! I told these people not to lift me up so hard, and two people came in here and, WHOMP, lifted me so hard I think my ribs cracked! So anyway, what did you want?
Me: I wanted to know if you want a snack.
Resident: Oh. Sure. Thanks.

Me: Hi! Would you like a snack? We have veggies and dip!
Resident 2: I'm gonna die!
Me: Oh.

Me: Hi! Would you like a snack? We have veggies and dip!
Resident 3: What? A snack? What kind of a snack? Let me see! Well... no.

Me: Hi! Would you like a snack? We have veggies and dip!
Resident 4: Get the hell out of here!

Me: Hi! Would you like a snack? We have veggies and dip!
Resident 5: No, but would you mind moving my table over to the left a little bit? Thanks. And can you get me a Diet Dr. Pepper from my fridge? And a glass of ice? No, I need more ice than that! Could you get my Q-tips out of the drawer there? And put my pillow over here? What are the activities for the day? I thought we were going to play Bingo today! We're not playing Bingo? But we always play Bingo! Can you find out who my aide is for tonight?
Me: Bye.

Me: Hi! Would you like a snack? We have veggies and dip!
Resident 6: Thats all we're having for dinner?
Me: No, its just a snack!
Resident 6: We're not having dinner tonight?
Me: We're still having dinner. This is just a snack.
Resident 6: A what?
Resident 6: You want me to eat that right now>
Me: Only if you want to.
Resident 6: Csn I still have dinner?

Me: Hi! Would you like a snack? We have veggies and dip!
Resident 7: Do you have any wine?
Me: No, you can order wine at dinner.
Resident: Oh, then no thank you. Can you get me some wine?

Me: Hi! Would you like a snack? We have veggies and dip!
Resident 8: Yes, that would be wonderful!
(5 minutes later...)
Resident 8: What do you have there?
Me: Veggies and dip!
Resident 8: Can I have some? I'm starving!
Me: You're hungry? You had some already!
Resident 8: No, I didn't!
Me: Yeah you did! Look, you still have some dip that you spilled on your shirt! And the plate is still in your hand!
Resident 8: Oh, then I guess I did.
Me: Would you like some more?
Resident 8: Yes please!

Resident 7: When are you bringing the wine?