What? Me, organized?

One strange thing I've noticed is, although I am the least organized person in my family (any personal space belonging to me resembles the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina) I am the most organized person at my work!
My job requires tons of different paperwork and filing. Although my co-workers and I have created several systems to keep ourselves organized and accountable, I seem to be the only one to stick to the systems... and I even create more systems, just for myself! The systems are my lifeline!
I diligently go through each person's attendance file and mark their attendance status after every single activity. (Were they Active, or Passive? Did they Refuse to come? Were they Independently doing something else? Were they Sleeping? All of this info must be recorded for each person on the unit, after every single game of BINGO, session of Aromatherapy, or whatever!) I carefully update my perrsonal calendar when new admissions come in, keeping track of which people I'm "in charge" of as far as goals go. I can get through more assessments, more quickly than anyone else.. in fact, although I only work part time, I single-handedly did every new person assessment for the month of November! I even made a special system for myself to keep track of people's goals, so that when it comes time to update the goals, I know all about the people I am personally responsible for!
And I even remember to feed the facility cat, Tuskin, and change his litter!
Why, then, can't I manage to clean my room, do my homework, show up at school, etc?
Somehow, the schedules, routines and systems at work provide the structure I desperately need to survive. If only I had someone in my "real" life to set up that sort of structure for me, to make me accountable for my homework and my housework and everything else...
And maybe they could pay me, while they're at it? That might help, too.


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