Water... I need water...

I've had bronchitis lately, but as it turns out, I was also fairly dehydrated. I thought I was just getting sicker and sicker... my throat was always dry and scratchy, and even my eyeballs felt like they were filled with dust! I preferred to quench my thirst with Dr. Pepper, but because I was so thirsty last night in the middle of the night, and didn't want the caffeine in pop to keep me awake, I filled a water bottle up and brought it to my room, where I drank most of it before falling asleep. And oddly, I did not wake up to pee a single time, and in the morning I still didn't have to pee... but I did feel a lot better! Apparently my body just soaked up all that water like a sponge!
So today I also brought a water bottle to work with me and drank from it any time I felt thirsty. And what a difference it has made! I haven't been coughing nearly as much, and my eyes are way less itchy.
I read in a book last night that one gulp of water is worth one ounce of water. So if you're trying to get your eight glasses of water in, it really isn't that huge of an amount if you think about it in terms of gulps! You could go to a drinking fountain, chug eight swallows of water, and there is one of your eight glasses!
In other news, the Internet at my mom's house is still not working, allegedly because my dad downloaded something onto it that he wasn't supposed to. But right now my laptop is hooked up to the regular computer's modem, and it is working very well! Plus, my mom says we're going to get some sort of Wifi adapter box thingy, so I will be able to use my laptop in the house! (Usually I can only use it in places with free Wifi!) I think that will be way better, because I can download whatever I want onto my computer, use it for whatever I want, etc. I can keep all my homework stuff on it and not have to worry about people deleting, or reading, my private things!
Yay! I love my laptop!


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