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I finally dragged myself off my butt and went to see my best friend on Earth, Diana, who I hadn't seen for the past four months. Every year I seem to go through a few months where I don't see them because I have trouble leaving my house and my routine... its a depression/anxiety thing... but when I get through it, Diana is always waiting for me like the light at the end of the tunnel! I call her three kids my nephew and nieces. (By the way, today is Brandon's eleventh birthday! And he got his first cellphone! Kids these days, huh?)
I hope Santa Claus wasn't watching, because several naughty things went on while I was there.

NAUGHTY #!: Abby had a poo-poo accident in her pants.

NAUGHTY #2: Trying to be clever, instead of telling anyone about her accident, Abby tried to clean herself up, changed into her pajamas, and hid the poo-poo undies under her bed.

NAUGHTY #3: Clover, their dog, discovered the poo-poo undies... and... she... ATE THE POO POO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Other than that... and the fact that Brandon wasn't feeling very well and spent most of the time on the couch with a headache and a fever... a great time was had by all! We had pizza and chicken, and decorated the Christmas tree!

I hadn't seen the littlest kid, Hayden, since she was about a month old. (She's five months old now!) Originally when she was born I bonded with her quickly when I spent the night at the hospital with Diana after Hayden was born. But then I did my famous disappearing act for four months. I knew for sure Abby and Brandon, of course, would remember me... I had talked to them on the phone a few times during the intermission. One of my best memories is on Abby's second birthday, when I had gone through another dark period of not seeing anyone. I showed up to Abby's birthday party, thinking she would maybe not remember me or at least be weird about me... because she was only just turning two! But when I got there, she actually ran right up to me and hugged me! So from then on I always knew that Abby would remember me, even when she was little.
But I was expecting Hayden to be weird around me, the way babies sometimes are around people they don't know. But she was a smiley, happy baby, let me hold her hand right away, played with me, etc, and I spent a lot of time holding her! It felt like no time had passed since I had held Abby Bear that way, four years ago!

So anyway. I slept over. In the morning I watched Brandon open up his birthday presents. (I didn't even have mine to him, because my worthless brain had not grasped the fact that it was already going to be December 7th, and I'd left my gift at home, thinking I had weeks to spare!)
Then I had a doctor's appointment, where I got a prescription for Adderall. Today is my first day of being on Adderall! So far it is just giving me a headache.

I took a few pictures of the kids, but I am going to save them until Wordless Wednesday. (Hopefully I will have even more by then, since I am going to go back and give Brandon his present from me sometime in the next few days!)

In the meantime, let me show you this Advent Calendar that Hayden's dad, Jimmy, gave me!
It is the kind where you open a little door each day, and inside is a piece of chocolate. When you have eaten every single chocolate, you know the next day is Christmas! Since today is already the seventh of December, I had to catch up, so I've already eaten five of the chocolates. Actually though I really only ate four. The airplane one fell on the floor and rolled away and I can't find it.


Anonymous said...

Ummmm....there are *little, tiny* numbers on each of those squares and you were supposed to open them in order to count down the days. DORK :)

Oh, and "HI!" and "We missed you and we were so happy to see you!" and "DON'T EVER STAY AWAY THAT LONG AGAIN!!!!"

Love you!


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