My Maximum Boredom Threshhold

Yesterday was a horrid day for me because my mom had disconnected my laptop from the Internet in order to try to fix the real computer, and then we couldn't get the Internet to work on my laptop again!
This wouldn't have been so bad, except for the fact that it was my designated laundry day. When you do laundry in my mom's house, you have to physically remain in the basement, where the washing machine is. Why? Because often the washing machine gets a little boisterous and starts jumping around, sometimes making it halfway across the room. If you don't hear the thumping sound in time and run to catch the damn thing, it could get so far away that the hoses pull out of the wall, squirting water everywhere, just like in "Mr. Mom!"
Since I had a ton of laundry to do, I was basically a hostage in the basement all day. Here's what I did to amuse myself...
-Painted my fingernails purple (but later screwed them all up when I was trying to fi the computer)
-Taped my left big toe to my left second toe with masking tape, because I think I broke my toe, and when I broke my toe as a child once, the emergency room doctor performed this same procedure. I figured I'd save myself some time by just doing it myself.
-Watched a bunch of really stupid movies and TV shows.
-Called my mom at work "just to talk."
-Eventually passed out cold, not because I was tired, but because I had to rescue myself from the boredom!
Ironically, today the Internet is working again on my laptop, but I have a lot of errands to run. If I had planned it right, I would have done my laundry today, and ran all my errands yesterday!
::Sigh:: You win some, you lose some, huh.


Shannon **Gabi's Mom** said...

My washer does that sometimes too. But our laundry room isn't big enough for it to disconnect. But one day it blocked our door when we had left the house. We had to push with all our might to get in since we had the other doors locked with chains throughout the rest of the house.

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