The Library Is Fuuuuuun!

Hi, my name is Angel and I live at the library now. Yep, apparently the library is my new home.
You see, my stupid Internet at home has completely stopped working. Fizzled out. Gone.
Not a huge problem, for someone who lives in their own house or apartment or whatever. A person like this could just call someone to come fix it, or get Wifi installed, or something.
However, I have the misfortune of staying with my parents right now. And they are insane.
My mom knows how to fix the computer, but refuses to try. She has a very busy social life, you know, and besides, her work pays for her to have her own laptop, complete with a Sprint card that gives her Internet access wherever she is. She told my dad, if he wants the computer fixed, he should call someone to come fix it.
My dad refuses to call someone to fix it because he does't want to pay the money. He only uses the computer for Ebay, so for him, spending thirty minutes a day at the library using the public computers is sufficient.
As for me... someone who depends on the Internet for communication with friends, school work, studying, blogging, making money, looking up anything I become curious about at any moment of time, finding out when my clubs meet, etc... I am S.O.L., man!
SO this morning, when my dad said he was going to the library, I jumped at the chance to go with. Apparently it was too early for me to think clearly, because I completely forgot that, dude, I own a car. I can drive to the library myself!
I soon learned that my dad's plan was to spend half an hour at the library, and then leave for his court date in Addison. Yes, my dad has court dates in Addison. And he thinks it takes him an hour and a half to get to Addison. It may take him that long when he's driving his sixteen-wheel semi, but it takes regular people about twenty minutes to get to Addison!
So. It is now 12:52 pm, I have been in the library since 10, and my dad's court time doesn't even start until 1:00! And I am getting really hungry! (I've been very, very hungry lately... in fact I woke up at 5 am this morning from hunger pains!)
Tomorrow, I'll come equipped with snacks.


~Melissa~ said...

I think bring snacks next time would be a good thing -it's no fun being out and hungry!

Hope you get your computer up and running again soon - it's hard being computerless!!

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