Its a Christmas Miracle, Everyone!

Hallelujah! Amen, my brothers and sisters! A miracle has occured!
I just got my grades back for this semester.
I was only taking three classes... Children's Literature, Spanish, and College Mathematics. The thing is, because of the idiotic way that my school is run, this semester was basically a place-holder for me before I begin my strict special education program next semester. I had to take College Mathematics as a requirement, but the other two classes were just "fun" classes I chose, things I thought would be easy.
However, this semester was very rough for me. In August I started my new part-time job at the senior home. But because we were so short-staffed, I was basically given full-time hours from the beginning. So basically I was expected to spend half my days working for eight hours, and the other half going to school for four hours and then working for four to six hours after that. For the entire month of November, I had only one day on my calendar where I wasn't supposed to be at either work or school. (It was the Saturday after Thanksgiving.)
Some people with ADHD thrive on this sort of schedule, but the way I experience ADHD is the opposite. I need a lot of "down" time to do things I actually enjoy or to just "space out". So, unfortunately, I ended up ditching a lot of classes. As my work schedule got more demanding, I neglected my classes more.
In my Children's Lit class, I was pretty sure I'd get an A, because of two final projects I'd done. Whenever I have to do an independent project, I usually blow the teachers away!
However, I was afraid I'd flunk Spanish and Math, or at least get D's. I'd gotten an A on every Spanish test I'd had, but lost a lot of points for "participation", plus missed a few homework assignments. And math... well, I suck at math, and in this class I couldn't understand the teacher, so I had basically taught myself everything using the text book's website!
Well... I did get an A on Children's Lit... and I got C's in both Spanish and Math!
C's are good! C's are wonderful! C's keep me in the special education program and keep me eligible for financial aid!
Thank you, God! Next semester, I swear, I'll get straight A's.


~Melissa~ said...

Congratulations on your grades! YAY!

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