Holiday Traditions Festival!

Hi everyone! Melissa from Banana Migraine is hosting a Holiday Traditions Festival, and I wanted to get in on it! The idea is, every week, you share a few of your favorite holiday traditions! So here are a few of mine, which take place at my parents' house!


When my brother and I were very little, my mom was a stay-at-home mom and our family didn't have any money. So my mom hand-sewed each of our stockings! Later, we found small stockings for all of the pets we loved over the years! (Two dogs, a cat, and a bird!)
On top of the mantel, you may notice an alarming number of nutcrackers. This began with my Nona giving my brother a nutcracker for Christmas one year. The next year I wanted one too, so either my mom or Nona gave them to each of us. For several years thereafter, we each got a nutcracker every Christmas! Now we don't get them anymore, but I think my mom still collects them from different places!


My mom's Nona brought this manger over from Italy. When her Nona died, my mom wanted to keep the manger, and so it has been part of our Christmas decorations for as long as I can remember. Although, originally, there were three wisemen... today only one survives. And the two little deer were not part of the original set... they made their way into the manger from some other box of decorations! And this is the first year there has been a giant bunny on the roof!

Next week come back, and I'll share more of my Christmas traditions with you!


Shannon **Gabi's Mom** said...

I love your decorations! And I wish I had a mantel! That looks fantastic! I love the hand swen stockings.

~Melissa~ said...

What beautiful decorations - and so special. Ones with history are the best kind - especially ones made with love! I love all the nutcrackers lined up on the mantel - and the nativity scene is really pretty.

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