Holiday tradition Festival Again!

I missed last week of the Holiday Tradition Festival over at Banana Migraine... because the stupid Internet is still not working at my house... but I've stopped at the library on my way to work today just so I could bring you this picture of my Christmas Tree!
When I was growing up we always had a real tree. Usually we picked it up at someplace like Handy Andy's or Franks, but a few times we actually drove to a Christmas tree farm and cut down our own! So I can't help but feel a little disappointed that my parents now insist on getting a fake tree. My mom sprays the air around it with pine-scented air freshener, but it's just not the same!
One thing that has stayed the same is the ornaments. When I was little we made a lot of our ornaments, plus my parents bought my brother and I each a new ornament every year (usually with the date on it) and we still have all those old ornaments. We also have a lot of ornaments that once belonged to elderly relatives who eventually died, leaving us to pilfer through their houses. Plus we do have a lot of new things... my mom's friend Jim always gives her weird ornaments, like the one of the bowling pin with the alarmed look on it's face.
Decorating the Christmas tree is fun... but taking it all down again sucks, doesn't it?


~Melissa~ said...

Glad to have you back this week!

Taking it down is not my most favorite thing either - but your tree sure is beautiful!!

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