Had a Bad Day...

Yesterday didn't go so well for me. I had a lot of things I was planning to get done... I wanted to run several errands, and I was hoping to go see Diana and the kids again since I had the day off. However, just as I was getting ready to leave, my dad's friend showed up for a visit, and parked in the driveway behind my car.

Me: Uh-oh, is he parking in the driveway? If he parks in the driveway, I won't be able to leave.

Dad: Yes, he is parking in the driveway.\

Me: Uh, can you ask him to park in the street

Dad: (Goes outside)

So I finished getting ready to go, looked out the window, and the car was still in the driveway behind mine!
Instead of going and asking the guy to move his car, like a normal person would have done, I had a total meltdown/panic attack and fell asleep in my room for three hours.
When I woke up, the guy was just leaving.

Me: Dad, remember you were going to ask that guy to park in the street?
Dad: What?
Me: Remember I said I had to leave, and I asked you to have him park in the street so I could back out?
Dad: Oh, I didn't hear you. Oh, now I feel bad.
Me: Ugh...

Anyways. So I was completely bored, and I decided to try to hook up Wifi for my house, since my mom went out drinking after work. Supposedly her friend's uncle was in town and she wanted to party with her friend's uncle. I started hooking up the WiFi, and everything went splendidly, except that I couldn't figure out how to make it a secured connection. So the whole time, my dad was standing behind me, literally grunting and groaning and sighing and making other weird noises, because he was afraid someone was going to hack into our computer right at that very minute!
I was on one of those "Live Chat" help things, trying to get the Linksys person to help me hook up a secured connection. She kept telling me the same things over and over again, although I explained I had already tried those things. All the person seemed to be able to do is tell me the same things, word for word, that were in the instruction manual I already had! Which wasn't working!
Finally my mom got home, and I was like, "Shit shit shit."
So I put on a bright smile.

Me: Mom, guess what! I hooked up the Wifi!
Mom: Oh, you did? Does it work?
Me: Yeah, but I can't figure out how to make it a secured connection.
Mom: Then you need to shut it down right now. I have things on that computer that I don't want people to hack into.
Me: But you have to be able to be online for a while, to get the secured connection set up!
Mom: I wish you had waited for me to do it.
Me: I just wanted to help...
Mom: No you didn't. You just wanted the Wifi hooked up. Ugh. I'm going to take a shower.

Another meltdown/panic attack.

Me: Mom totally hates me, doesn't she.
Dad: Well, she hates me even more.

It turns out my mom knows exactly how to get the secured connection set up, because someone told her a different way of doing it... but she is going to set it up "when she is good and ready."
So until then... I am back... at the library.



~Melissa~ said...

Oh that does sound like a bad day - sorry it was so rotten. I hope things go better and you don't have to be at the library to long!

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