Alarmingly Smart Cat

A few days ago I dumped all of Sammy-Joe's belongings on the floor for him. He loves to be able to see all of his stuff at once! That night we sat on the floor and played for hours. Nobody ever picked up the stuff... largely because my mom is out of town, and my dad and I don't particularly care about things like that. Sammy-Joe has really enjoyed having everything he owns dumped out like that! He loves to just go and sit or lay in the middle of all of his treasures, like a king! (You may notice that about 80% of his toys are actually things he stole from other people... plastic rings from milk bottles, hair bands, shoe laces and the strings from hoodie sweatshirts, stuffed animals, small decorative knick-nacks.... He loves the furry mice toys meant for cats, and he loves his catnip toys, but other than that, he tends to ignore toys meant for cats, and would rather play with things he thinks he's not supposed to have!)
This picture was particularly hard to take though. I saw Sammy-Joe lying in the middle of all his things, and I thought, "I need a picture of that!" So I ran downstairs to get my camera, but when I brought it back up, it turned out the batteries were dead! I told Sammy to stay where he was, ran upstairs to my room, and found some batteries in my drawer. Unfortulately, the camera still didn't work! I told Sammy to stay there one more minute, ran downstairs to my dad's work bench, and got four more batteries that I knew were fresh! The camera still didn't work! Finally I realized I was loading the batteries wrong. On that camera, the small bump means "POSITIVE" and the large bump means "NEGATIVE", instead of the other way around!
Finally I got the camera all straighened out... and just then Sammy got up and walked away.
I was like, "Noooooooo! My perfect picture, ruined!"
Desperately, I picked Sammy-Joe up and plopped him back down among all his things. "Stay there just one minute so I can get a picture," I said. He sat still, looking at me. He glanced away, but when I said, "Look at Mama!" he looked back at me! I snapped the picture and said, "Good boy, thanks!" And he casually walked away.
I swear, he is an alarmingly smart cat!

In other news, I called in sick from work today and slept until noon. I am still feeling crappy! I am coughing up loogies and my voice sounds like a lifelong smoker's voice! My stomach is also nauseous too! Tonight I'm supposed to go out for pizza and go rollerskating with my new Get Out Of The House Club, but I don't know if I'll go. My dad has pointed out that it is a little odd to call in sick from work and then go rollerskating, but I've been looking forward to rollerskating... and besides, I might feel better by this evening, right?


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