Adding Spurts Of Fun To Life!

You know why I haven't posted in te past few days? Because my stupid Internet connection has been acting up! It disconnects me every five seconds. Supposedly, its because just about everyone else in the worldis also on the Internet right now, trying to do holiday shopping!
It seems to be working right now, though, so... let us pray that I can get through this post!

I've decided recently that maybe in order to try to overcome my various problems with being overworked, overschooled, overtired, overdepressed and overanxious, I should just add some fun to my life. Just little, hour-long spurts of getting out of the house... Just ducking out long enough to do something, and then running back to the relative safety of my house, school or work.
So I joined two clubs. I joined the Jaycees, and I joined a group appropriately titled Get Out Of The House.
So, on Friday, I went to school in the morning, then went to work until 7:30, then went and painted pottery with the Get Out Of The House group. (That's me painting pottery, in that picture. Someone in the group took the picture. I look so grumpy, don't I?) Then I went home and went to bed. Then, on Saturday morning, I got up super-early and went to the Wal-Mart in Streamwood, where I helped take children from low-income families shopping for Christmas presents for their families, as part of the Jaycees. After that I went home, worked on some homework and other mediocre crap, and helped my mom decorate the Christmas tree.
And today... well, today, I worked all day.
And you know what? I feel kinda good!
This coming week I am going to try to go see Diana and the kids... hopefully on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday, whenever she lets me know what day would be best. See? Just that little spurt of getting out of the house has helped me make plans to get out of the house for an even longer spurt of time!(I think part of the thing that helped was that, in these two clubs, you have to sign up and RSVP for events, giving me the security of knowing I can't back out!)
School tomorrow, then work... But I can handle it, right? Right.


Shannon **Gabi's Mom** said...

Oh I hate it when my internet goes out. I can handle just about anything, but that.

How great that you spend so much time helping others.

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