Thank God Its Black Friday!

Hi everyone! Want to know something crazy? Today me and my mom got up at 3:30 in the morning to go to Kohls! We got there by about 4:00 am and there was already a huge line of people waiting to get in! We're not really die hards about actually trying to bust the door down, so we waited in the car until the line started moving.
We actually got some pretty good deals though!
Back in the summer, little Maggie gave me a Kohls gift card she found in her house... I don't think she was actually supposed to have it, but she was so excited to give it to me, in a card she made and everything, on one of the days when I picked her and Melissa up for an outting. So I kept it the whole time, and I used it today to get some Christmas presents for them! I got Maggie a Disney Princess Cool Bake Oven, so she can do some of her own baking instead of emptying her refrigerator and creating strange food experiments while her dad is sleeping! And for Melissa I got an iFlop, which is a stuffed animal with speakers, that can be hooked up to a CD player or mp3 player to play your music. It actually dances and shows a light show at the same time! (The girls don't have a computer, so it would be useless to get them an mp3 player, but I'm going to get Melissa a diskman to go with the iFlop!)
I still have to do a lot more shopping, but I'm going to do much of it at the Holiday Shop I created on my website, where all purchases support different children's organizations!
I gotta get going... I got a lot to do before 3:30, when I actually have to go to work! (Ugh, ugh, ugh... I am one of the 25% of the working population of the USA who doesn't get today off!)
See you soon!


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