Stripey tights

Whoa I had a long day today! I was supposed to work from 1:00 to 7:30, but my boss wanted me to come in at 9:30 to attend some sort of Newcomer's Breakfast they have every month for the new people who move into the building. So I got there at 9:30, but then my boss told me that her boss had decided he didn't want any activity staff members to come to the breakfast... just the important people. So my boss said, "Just go do the activities." So I was stuck at work for three and a half extra hours for no reason!
Then the evening activity ran an extra hour, so I actually ended up working from 9:30 am to 8:30 pm, with only one half hour break in the middle.
I'm so tired, I'm going to skip school tomorrow, because I have to work tomorrow evening also!
I enjoyed wearing my new stripey tights though. I bought them at Target. They're made of regular cotton, just like socks, not like your usual pantyhose, so they're nice and warm. And they come in all different styles! Fashion tights have become somewhat of a new obsession for me. I even found this site, Joy Of Socks, where they have all sorts of different fashion tights! I'm going to order some. I want the tiedye ones, and the ones with butterflies! The possibilities are endless... I could have tights for every occasion!
Yeah, yeah, I know. I'm a dork.


Anonymous said...

Awesome!!!! They are adorable! I am sorry that you are working so hard! But, its got to be good for the pocket book, right?

Ummm, yeah, your older brother called the other day. It is all MY fault that you don't talk to him anymore. I quickly explained that you don't seem to be talking to ANYBODY anymore! ;)

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