Not bad at all!

As days go, this one wasn't too bad. In my Children's Literature class, my teacher announced in front of everyone that he loved the project I recently turned in (it was an annotated bibliography of children's books about foster care) and it was basically the best one in the class! That is pretty cool, indeed... but just wait until I turn in my Independent Project on Wednesday! The teacher will piss in his pants! (If it weren't for horrid classes like Math, I'd be getting straight A's in college!)
I had to go to work today but that went pretty well also. I got three assessments completely done. Assessments are my favorite part of the job! I meet a lot of people I really enjoy. I meet some really cranky people, too, though.
Tomorrow I have to go to work from 10 to 3:30, and then I am going to get some more Christmas shopping done!
I tend to have sort of mood swings... not bipolar-type mood swings, but just... it only takes a little thing to make me sad, and it only takes a little thing to make me happy. Today I am happy!
(It may be partly because of the five Chocolate Mint Truffle Hershey Kisses I just ate!)


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