My One And Only Day Off!

Hi e veryone! Between school and work, today was my one and only day off in the entire month of November! can you believe that nonsense? Next months, and the months in the future, should be a lot better, because I am putting my food down to my boss and setting boundaries about what days and how many hours I am able to work.
Anyway, here's how I spent my big whopping day off... I went to Gurnee Mills with my parents!
For those of you who don't live in the CHicago area, Gurnee Mills is a huge outlet mall about an hour away from where I live. Because its so far away, I don't go there much, but when I do make it there, I could spend a whole day just browsing through the different shops!
So when my mom asked me if I wanted to ride up there with them, I though it sounded cool.
Little did I know...
My parents are the world's only people who are willing to drive a whole hour to get to Gurnee Mills, go to only two stores, and then leave. And if it hadn't been for me insisting on going to Borders Outlet, we would have only gone to one store, Value City! (Although, to be fair, on the way out we did stop in my favorite store in the mall, Black Market Minerals.) As we left the mall, I was getting irritable, like, "Man, I wasted my one day off driving to Gurnee Mills to go to three stores?"
On our way home, we stopped by my aunt's house to see her and my two little cousins, who are 5 and 3. We were going to stay only a few minutes, but that is impossible because my little cousins are rather addicting, and once you start playing with them it is hard to say goodbye!
By the time we left there it was 3:45, and we still had at least a 45-minute drive zhead of us! I suggested to my parents that we stop at Wendy's or someplace to eat, as I was starving!
But my mom insisted that we would eat lunch at home, because she didn't want to spend any money on food when we still had leftovers at the house. Getting more irritable by the minute, I sat in the back seat for the next hour with my head aching and my stomach rumbling! I had money and every time we passed a McDonalds I mentioned that I could just run in and grab something... but my mom was hellbent on getting home to eat those leftovers!
Finally we got home and made ourselves some lunch. I made myself a turkey wrap with cheese and avacado. I went downstairs to the basement to get a Dr. Pepper from the fridge, when I heard my mother up above talking about me. "Bitch, bitch, bitch, bitch, bitch!" she grumbled.
Ugh. These are the moments when I really, really, really, really, really miss having my own place! I long for the days when I could make my own decisions...
I don't mean to complain, but... that was my day off! Could have been better... and tomorrow, back to work. :(


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