I promised you I'd be starting a new, personal blog, so here it is! My other blog, They're All Our Children, is a topical blog in which I write all about children's issues... so this blog is going to be all about my issues! I have many. One of my big issues is my mental status. In my clogged-up brain I have: ADHD, possible Asperger's, depression, and anxiety. (I've been told that the ADHD actually causes the depression and anxiety!)
I actually have a webpage, which I made for a computer class I took last semester, that tells more about the history of my ADHD. I'll let you read it there instead of repeating it all over again as an introduction! There might be some broken links and stuff, because when I made the site we had to use this really weird, difficult and obsolete html program, and I have no idea how to go back and fix anything there. So...
Any questions? Comments? Concerns? Great. I have to get moving cause my mom is hosting Thanksgiving for the whole family (bleh...) and I told her I'd help do some cleaning up and stuff!
See ya tomorrow!


~Melissa~ said...

Glad you've started your own blog too! You always put such time into They're All our Children, I'm sure this one will be wonderful too!

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